Goals for Running Snowshoes

Hey everyone, I have been getting so many different questions about snowshoeing, snowshoe running, and snowshoe recommendations.  I have also been getting a lot of products to review and topics to cover.  Thank you so much for all of your questions!  I am looking forward to addressing all of them in the near future.  So, […]

Tons of Snowshoe Events This Weekend!

There are all sorts of snowshoeing events going on in the next few days. Friday 1/27/12 Annual Darts Lake Dash Snowshoe Race Weekend (Fri-Sun) Camp Gorham 265 Darts Lake Rd Eagle Bay,NY 13331 USA Colorado State Championships (Fri-Sat) Ski Cooper, CO Bruce Kelly (970-845-0931) Saturday 1/28/12 Chippewa Valley Powder Keg Eau Claire County Expo Center […]

Snowshoe Running in SD

The first ever national qualifying race was held in South Dakota.  Ryan Phillips took first place in the event, running 50:30.  Nathan Morey finished 2nd in the men’s division. Kimberly Osberg was the first ever winner on the women’s side. Great job South Dakota!


Friday January 27th Annual Darts Lake Dash Snowshoe Race Weekend Friday January 27th Colorado State Championships USSSA Series Saturday January 28th Bigfoot Boogie USSSA Series Saturday January 28th Chippewa Valley Powder Keg Saturday January 28th Glacial Park Race USSSA Series