MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoe

Here is a video review of the MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoe.  The MSR Lighting is a very aggressive snowshoe which will provide you with ultimate stability when you are out in slippery or extremely aggressive terrain.  It wouldn’t be the fastest snowshoe out there for running in snowshoes, but would be an option for more of a back-country adventure.

The frames on the MSR lightning snowshoe are extremely aggressive as they are made out of an aluminum blade with multitudes of pointy teeth.  The blade design, along with the aggressive front and heal crampons give an added grip when it comes to stiff terrain.

The MSR Lightnings also come with the option of purchasing a modular flotation tail adaption (sold separately).  This floatation tail helps you to better stay on top of the snow when you are out bushwhacking through deep powder.

The MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoes are available in 3 different men’s sizes as well as a women’s specific model.

I recently received some new running snowshoes to test out on the trails.  Look for a review of my new racing snowshoes coming up soon.  Until then, check out this video on the MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoe.

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