2013 World Snowshoe Championship Race

Video from the 2013 World Snowshoe Championships, hosted by La Ciaspolada in Fondo, Italy.

Worlds Video

Video of the 2012 World Snowshoe Championships.

World Championship Course

GOOD LUCK to everyone heading out to the WORLD SNOWSHOE CHAMPIONSHIPS this weekend in Quebec!

2012 USA Champs- Men

Video of the 2012 USA Men’s National Snowshoe Championships

Papa Twiddlebug’s Snowshoes

Papa Twiddlebug can’t find his other snowshoe!

2012 Women’s Nationals

2012 USA Women’s National Snowshoe Championship Video

Westerman and Westcott Win Snowdash

Christopher Westerman and Ashley Westcott won the Snowdash Extreme Race in Idaho Springs, Colorado. The Snowdash is an extreme winter adventure race located just west of Denver on Echo Mountain. Echo Mountain received close to 5 feet of snow during the days leading up to the race. The 55 inches they received added an extra […]

Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoe

The Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoe is a great option for those back-country adventures… when you want to go off of the beaten path and make a trail of your own.  It is a wonderful feeling of freedom when you can go places that most hikers or cross country skiers can’t or won’t go.  The Tubbs Mountaineer […]

2011 National Championships – Women

Halfway point of the 2011 Women’s US National Snowshoe Championships in Cable, WI. This video features Brandy Erholtz, Amber Ferreira, Cheryl Paulson, Erin Ward, Michelle Weiler, Laurie Lambert, and Andrea Mueller. Erholtz held onto her lead to be crowned the 2011 National Snowshoe Champion. Ferreira held onto 2nd and Ward had a strong 2nd half, […]

MTN Series Mountain Snowshoes

The MTN Mountain Snowshoes are a very unique type of snowshoe. They are different from other brands in that they come with a trail crampon that can be used either separately or along with the Snowshoe. The aggressive nature of the 8-point crampons can be used for slick and icy terrain on the trails and […]