Bigfoot Snowshoes

Bigfoot is a brand of snowshoes more geared towards recreational use than some of the other brands. Because they are more of a beginning snowshoe not suited as well for the extreme climbs, back country bush-waking, snowshoe running, or snowshoe racing, they are less expensive than most of the other specialized brands.

The Bigfoot Snowshoes are pretty easy to figure out as far as getting them on, getting out on your leisurely walk, and then getting them off again. With the quick release buckle on the heel strap, you’ll have them off in no time. The Dual Ratchet bindings make for easy adjustment if needed when you are out on your snowshoe hike. They are made of a lightweight aluminum, which Bigfoot calls their 6061 Aluminum. The rivets are also made of a rust-proof aluminum.

You have several options when selecting a size for the Bigfoot Snowshoes. They range in size from the 25 inch model all of the way to a 34 inch model for maximum floatation in the deepest powder.

There is a one year parts replacement warranty on the Bigfoot Snowshoes as well as for the poles. Poles are sometimes useful when out on a snowshoe stroll. They give you an added couple of points of stability when you are tromping through deep or uneven patches of snow.

The Bigfoots also have both toe and heel aluminum “Snow-Trac” crampons. The toe crampons have seven points and the rear crampons contain 6 aluminum points for added traction. Along with crampons, the Bigfoot Snowshoes also have 2 side points to help prevent lateral sliding.

The Bigfoot Snowshoes also come with a free tote bag for easy transport and storage of your snowshoes when not in use. When you are done with your walk out in the snow, just slip them off with the quick release button, slide them in your free tote bag, toss them in your car and you are ready to go.

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