Redfeather Vapor vs. Atlas Race


In this issue of, we are going to be putting the Redfeather Vapor Snowshoes head to head with the Atlas Race Snowshoes.  The Redfeather Vapors and the Atlas Race Snowshoes are two of the most popular running snowshoes out there and are the top racing snowshoes from their respective companies.

They are both pretty flashy looking with the bright yellow decking of the Atlas and the bright red and black diagonal stripes of the Redfeathers.  Although definitely not the most important aspect when selecting a snowshoe,  it can play into the equation for those who want to look sharp out on the snowy trails.

One similarity the two models have is that both the Atlas and the Redfeathers have titanium toe and heel crampons for stability out on the race course.

They are both quite light for a running snowshoe as the Vapors are made from a 6000 series grade aluminum and the Atlas are made of the 7075 aluminum.  The Atlas Race comes in a little lighter on the scale, weighing in at 2.08lbs… close to a half a pound lighter than the 2.5 lb Vapors.  However, the Atlas Snowshoes do take up a bit more room on the trails, lengthwise.  The Atlas Snowshoes, measuring 22 inches in length, are one inch longer than the Vapor’s 21 inches.

The Atlas are shaped for running with their tapered tail.  The Vapors go a little further with the tapering, narrowing all of the way down to a V-Tail design on the back of the snowshoe.  Redfeather has specifically designed the V-Tail for the motion of running.  They have raised the tail from the base of the snowshoe, making for a more natural running stride than a flat snowshoe.

Both snowshoes come with added features to help with the rapid cadence and quick moving feet of the snowshoe runner.  The Vapors have a live-action hinge for racing functionality and the Atlas snowshoes come with their signature spring-loaded suspension.

Both models can supports racers weighing 190 lbs or less.  Although, Atlas states that their Race Snowshoes can hold up to 220 lbs if the trails are well packed.

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