How to Make Snowshoes

How to Make Snowshoes

Sure, fancy racing or running snowshoes made of high tech materials are great for running, fitness, and competitions, but it can also be fun, and on rare occasions necessary to go back to the birthplace of the sport and make your own snowshoes. You can fashion together your own pair of snowshoes completely with materials […]

Redfeather Vapor vs. Atlas Race

vs. In this issue of, we are going to be putting the Redfeather Vapor Snowshoes head to head with the Atlas Race Snowshoes.  The Redfeather Vapors and the Atlas Race Snowshoes are two of the most popular running snowshoes out there and are the top racing snowshoes from their respective companies. COLORS They are […]

Bigfoot Snowshoes

Bigfoot is a brand of snowshoes more geared towards recreational use than some of the other brands. Because they are more of a beginning snowshoe not suited as well for the extreme climbs, back country bush-waking, snowshoe running, or snowshoe racing, they are less expensive than most of the other specialized brands. The Bigfoot Snowshoes […]

Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoe

The Tubbs Mountaineer Snowshoe is a great option for those back-country adventures… when you want to go off of the beaten path and make a trail of your own.  It is a wonderful feeling of freedom when you can go places that most hikers or cross country skiers can’t or won’t go.  The Tubbs Mountaineer […]

MTN Series Mountain Snowshoes

The MTN Mountain Snowshoes are a very unique type of snowshoe. They are different from other brands in that they come with a trail crampon that can be used either separately or along with the Snowshoe. The aggressive nature of the 8-point crampons can be used for slick and icy terrain on the trails and […]

A Snowshoe Supernova

It felt good to get out to the snowshoe trails today.  I laced up my adidas Supernova Cushion training shoes to go with the Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes.  I didn’t see any fellow snowshoers on the trails, but there were plenty of people out enjoying the day.  I saw a few people skiing, a couple of […]

Goals for Running Snowshoes

Hey everyone, I have been getting so many different questions about snowshoeing, snowshoe running, and snowshoe recommendations.  I have also been getting a lot of products to review and topics to cover.  Thank you so much for all of your questions!  I am looking forward to addressing all of them in the near future.  So, […]

Mizuno Wave Enigma

Snow… shoes!

Well, it has been quite awhile since we’ve gotten any snow.  So, this morning, I laced up my Mizuno Wave Enigma running shoes to head out the door.  I was hoping to be able to test out the Mizuno Wave Prophecy, but the representative at Mizuno mentioned that they were completely out of the Prophecy […]

MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoe

Here is a video review of the MSR Lightning Axis Snowshoe.  The MSR Lighting is a very aggressive snowshoe which will provide you with ultimate stability when you are out in slippery or extremely aggressive terrain.  It wouldn’t be the fastest snowshoe out there for running in snowshoes, but would be an option for more […]

Snowshoe Running in SD

The first ever national qualifying race was held in South Dakota.  Ryan Phillips took first place in the event, running 50:30.  Nathan Morey finished 2nd in the men’s division. Kimberly Osberg was the first ever winner on the women’s side. Great job South Dakota!