A Snowshoe Supernova

adidas Supernova Cushion

It felt good to get out to the snowshoe trails today.  I laced up my adidas Supernova Cushion training shoes to go with the Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes.  I didn’t see any fellow snowshoers on the trails, but there were plenty of people out enjoying the day.  I saw a few people skiing, a couple of boys sledding down the huge hill, a lot of people out walking, and a few dogs.

It was 25 degrees out there today with a decent wind.  So, it was a bit chilly.  It was better once I got into the woods, but when I hit the first open field, that wind was bitter.  Less than 1k into the snowshoeing, my toes felt like they were freezing.  It started getting a little painful, almost feeling like I had a bunch of snow packed inside the toes of my shoes.  It turned out there was no need to worry… once I got up that first gigantic hill, I warmed up quite a bit and didn’t notice my toes after that.  Maybe they were just numb.

The adidas Supernova Cushion shoes weren’t too bad.  At first it felt like they were slipping a bit in the heal each time the snowshoe straps tugged at the back of them.  I almost thought that I hadn’t tied the shoes tight enough.  They were feeling a bit clunkier than the racing flats, but I didn’t notice it anymore after the first kilometer.

Overall, it was an enjoyable afternoon.  I weaved through the skiers, walkers, and dogs… one who decided to leave his owner and follow along with me each time I passed.  The kids on their sleds looked to be having a fun day and I thought about how much I used to enjoy sledding down that hill.  Each time I passed, I would hear a cheerful “hi!”…”hi again!”… “hello!”… “hi again for the fourth time!”… “that guy again???”

Well, it feels like my cheeks are finally starting to thaw… so, I’m going to sign out for now and go enjoy a hot mug of chocolate!


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