MTN Series Mountain Snowshoes

The MTN Mountain Snowshoes are a very unique type of snowshoe. They are different from other brands in that they come with a trail crampon that can be used either separately or along with the Snowshoe. The aggressive nature of the 8-point crampons can be used for slick and icy terrain on the trails and can quickly be converted to a versatile mountain snowshoe when needed.

The adjustable width technology is a new feature on the MTN Snowshoes. This is different from most other brands of snowshoes. You are now able to adjust the snowshoe to either wide, regular, or narrow widths. This greatly opens your options for the types of footwear you can use with the MTN Snowshoes. They can be narrow enough to fit snugly around your racing flats for the big race, or if you just feel like going for a walk in the woods on a bitterly cold afternoon, they can be wide enough for a men’s insulated boot up to size 14.

The MTN Mountain Snowshoes are available in the 24 inch length as well as the 28 inch length for the deeper snow. The unique “step-in-technology” of the MTN Mountain Snowshoes demonstrated in this video:

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