Running Snowshoes

Do you love running, but find it hard to get outside and brave the winter elements?  It can be hard to get outside for a run when when the temperatures are below zero, the unforgiving winds are chilling you to the bone, and the roads are covered with ice.  It can be dangerous out there.  If you slip and fall on the ice, you could be injured and out of the running game for a long period of time.  Even if you don’t fall, when you are constantly slipping and sliding around, even slightly, it agitates and pulls at your muscles and ligaments.  With all of this added strain, all though possibly unnoticeable during your run, it could eventually lead to injury.

You can try to lace up the running shoes and get out for your daily run.  Is it worth the risk?  You decide you might as well just stay in and jump on the treadmill or head to the gym.  Is this what you really want though… to be stuck inside on the hot and muggy treadmill, trapped in the same place the whole time, staring at the numbers advance one tenth of a mile at a time?  Or, would you rather be outside enjoying nature and all of its beauty?  Free from the monotony of the treadmill and outside exploring the world!

Maybe you should try giving snowshoe running a try!  Outside you can discover the beautiful trails and trees covered in a white, frosted covering of snow.  When you are out in the woods, you are sheltered from the bone chilling wind… protected by the trees.  Not only that, you also have the added cushioning of the snow beneath your feet.  When you are out on running snowshoes, the traction is much better than your slippery running shoes on the glare ice.  Even if the path gets a bit icy in spots, racing snowshoes have metal spikes on the bottom (crampons) to keep you on your feet.

Do you miss the spring, summer, and fall racing seasons during the winter?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out anymore!  There are many snowshoe races across the United States and throughout the world.  You can find competitions anywhere from Minnesota to Colorado or from Canada to France.

So, if you want to get out and enjoy the winter, have some fun, and stay in shape, you should consider getting a pair of running snowshoes.  Some of the best racing snowshoe brands include Easton, Tubbs, Crescent Moon, Dion, Redfeather, TSL, MSR, and Atlas.  Get out and enjoy the winter!

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